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iconfession's Journal

icon rating//challenge community
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All Members , Moderated

Welcome to Iconfession;
iconfession is an icon rating/challenge community. People can apply here to be judged on their icon making skills, and once accepted, are free to grade other applicants, and take part in our challenges.

Applicants may find helpful tips, or flat out "NO!"s when they apply, it all depends on the rating from each individual. We do not limit how people vote, other then the fact they can not be a complete bitch or I will take care of it. In other words, read on if you are not affraid of people telling you what they think about your skills, and if you think this community is for you.

Also, if a person is accepted, they will be allowed in to our members only community, iconfessed, where they can partake in weekly icon challenges, have member vs. member challenges etc.

Below are our Affiliates...
_iconawards - icon nomination community
elite_25 - the most elite layout community on eljay.

(if you wish to affiliate with us, please link to us, then leave a comment here letting me know, and I will add you to our affiliates list. Note: Only other icon or layout based communities please. No personal icon journals or communities either. We only affiliate with communities that are rating/challenge/resource based, and prefer the community to be in good standing.)

The basic rules of the community;

Be sure to read over the community memories for IMPORTANT information regarding the community. It saves from cluttering up the info page more then it already is ^^

1: You may only post in your "grade me" post until you are accepted. If you get rejected, do not post anywhere again, until you reapply, at which point, the same rules stick.

2: Icon journals are to be rated AS icon journals. If you wish to only have your user icons rated, you must say so. Please do not ask for both to be rated. It is one or the other, so put your best work forward. If you have an icon journal you want to be rated, say so at the TOP of your post, before you write anything else. If you want your user icons rated, say so at the TOP of your post, before anything else. make sure you provide a link to your icon journal, or your user icons. If no link is provided, you do not get rated.

3: If you get rejected, you may apply again no less than one week. This rule is there so that you do not spam us with applications, and also, it will give you time to get more icons made to reapply with.

4: If you are using icons that YOU made, but you have used brushes/textures (etc) from another person, please say so if you can remember who you got the resources from. This should not pose a problem since you obviously credited as soon as you took the resources right? *stern stare* The easiest way is to give us a link to your resource list. If you can't remember who you got your brushes etc.. from, you must at least tell us if you made everything in your icons yourself, or if you have used resources from other people.

5: If you provide a link back to iconfession before applying for rating, you have the opportunity to grab 5 bonus points if you are accepted.

6: Do not attack anyone for giving you no votes. I mean this. You are applying to a rating community, and thus, you are going to be rated. Not everyone will like your work, be mature about it.

7: If you get more yesses then nos, you are accepted. We wait a maximum of 3 days before you are stamped. This gives stamped members a chance to vote on your application. At the end of three days, you will be stamped in or out:)

8: If you still have questions, please email me at rabidfate@yahoo.com, and I will do my best to help you.

Application Information...
- You must put the word "confess" somewhere in your subject.

- Please cut your applications!!! I can not stress this enough.

- State if you want your icon journal/community OR your livejournal userpics graded. If you have an icon website instead of an icon journal/community, you may use that as well. You have to pick one of these options, no exceptions.

- If your icon journal/community is friends only, please make at least 3 of the posts in your journal/community public for the duration of your grading process, and friend any member who requests to see more of what is inside your journal/community.

- All posts are to be made public! And, you must post your application within 24 hours of joining or you will be removed and/or banned!</b></u>

- You must post 16 icons in your application. 4 animated, 4 cutout, 4 text and 4 icons of your choice. (see below application structure for an example, and see this member application for another example of how it is supposed to be done)


"Applying to have my icon journal (and/or) userpics graded"


My animated icons:

My cutout icons:

My text icons:

My free choice icons:



- If you are unlucky, and you get rejected from the community, accept your rejection with grace and poise. It is not a "diss" to you, or your talents, it is only a "try harder next time". You can apply one week after you get stamped out, no sooner then that or you will be warned, second offence gets you banned. You can reapply as many times as you wish, as long as you heed the one week rule.

- Do not go around dissing out the stamped member's icons. They were stamped in for a reason, and you are to respect that just as you would like to have the respect you earn if/when you get stamped in.

- DO NOT BE OFFENDED IF A FRIEND GIVES YOU A BAD GRADE! If you get graded poorly from someone who is your friend, do not get mad, they are helping you better your icon skills by making you try harder. Take helpful tips and hints and come back again:)

- If you still have questions, please drop them in this post, and someone will help you as soon as they can.

How we grade & other information...
1: We grade based on your talent, and your origionality.

2: We give members points, and the points can be used for various things (see this post for point explanation and spending options, as well as member vs. member challenges) Points are given for winning icon challenges, and for being good and helpful members.

Guidelines for Grading
1: Be active: You are expected to grade every layout you can possibly grade given your life circumstances. You *must* grade at least 3 applicants a week, but we hope you grade as many as you can. If you do not grade at least three a week, you will be warned, and if you do not heed the warning, you will be banned. There are some exceptions, such as if you have to take some time away from the community (Please post about it if this circumstance happens to arise). Also, if we do not have any new submissions, obviously you can't grade those either.

2: Be strict, but not a full out bitch: You are required to be picky and strict when grading, but do not all out flame a person you are grading because you don't like their themes etc. You can *state* that you don't like something, but don't be a bitch about it. :) If an asshat pops into the community and begins flaming other members, or posting in posts (other then their "grade me" post) before they are stamped, WARN them that they are breaking community rules first, and if they persist, snag a moderator and we will handle it from there. Sometimes fights break out, and I understand this, and I will not be angry as long as all the stamped members keep some form of dignity and control over the situation. I do not want to see fighting happening all over the place however, and frequent abusers will be banned.

3: Grade based on the grading structure. For example, they are to post 4 icons that are animated, 4 icons that are cutouts, 4 icons that have text, and 4 icons of thier choice (aka, the free catagory). Make sure all icons fit into their selective catagories, and then grade based on what you see. Are they talented? Do they have what it takes to be here? Are they unique? Make sure to grade harshly, but be honest and please think before you vote. We like to see new talent here, and we really like icons to have a personality. Also, place a lot of weight on image quality and how their text looks. These two things can ruin an icon, so it is always good to pay special attention to it. You don't have to be able to READ the text, it just has to look good with the rest of the icon. (some people make realllly small text on purpose, but it looks good.. get it? good.)

4: If you notice that they have stolen icons from someone, please alert a moderator right away. We will deal with people like this.

5: Do not go easy on ANYONE: This includes friends! If a friend submits themselves to be graded, judge them just as you would judge a stranger. NO favoritism allowed. None. Got it? This goes for enemies as well, keep your personal opinion the applicant OUT of the community. We're grading icons people, not looks or personality.

6: (grading icon journals) If someone submits their icon journal, you are to go over their initial application, the skip on over to their icon journal and look at as many icons as possible. Please do not get lazy on this. Pick 4 icons that are your favorites, and then post them with your grade, explaining why you liked those the best. Please just use a text link to the icon URL, and not an image tag to post your favorites.

7: (grading user icons) If someone submits their personal icons, you are to go over their initial application, the skip on over to their user icons page and look at as ALL the icons. Pick 4 icons that are your favorites, and then post them with your grade, explaining why you liked those the best. Please just use a text link to the icon URL, and not an image tag to post your favorites.

Stamp Images
These are only to be used by Mods, please do not take them if you have not been officially stamped.

8: Please try not to just post "no" or "yes" along with your favorite icons they have made. It is nice to see some explanation, and if you can offer some helpful tips to the person, that is always good to.

About our challenges

There will be an icon challenge held once a week (may be longer depending on amount of entries/members) that only the stamped members can participate in. When I say stamped, I mean stamped in and members at iconfessed. Each challenge will be based on you making an icon from the challenge rules. The challenges will be posted in iconfessed, and will bascially ask you to make an icon from a specific theme, image, icon style, lyrics etc etc. It will vary from challenge to challenge. The winners will be posted on the userinfo of iconfessed, and will recieve a nice little graphic stating they pwned over everyone else in that challenge, as well as winning community points. I would like to eventually give cash prizes in the form of extra icons on eljay or something like that, but I am flat ass broke, so that will not be for awhile. Other prizes could/will include a nice tribute entry for the winner that will be added to memories under "challenge winner tributes" and will brag about their icon making skills, host some of their best icons, and imortalize them forever! bwaahahaha *cough*.

There will be runner up spots, but that is subject to getting enough challenge entries. More then 5 entries will constitute for a runner up.

1st place challenge winners;
yogurt - winning icon

Accepted Members...
If you are so lucky as to be accepted, you will have responsibilities, as you will automatically become a grader. You will be placed on the member list on this page so that everyone can see who is, and who is not, an official member. Also, you MUST provide a link back to iconfession on your userinfo. It will be checked! You can feel free to use our buttons (soon to come), or you can do it using the community tags.

pandorya - maintainer
wrongly_amused - maintainer
_toxication - Mod (see below for application and pts status)
kiana - Mod/maintainer

shooting__stars - app here - 30pts
_toxication - app here - 55pts
lyx - app here - 45pts
yogurt - app here - 70pts
obsess - app here - 25pts
adaneko - app here - 35pts
blumchen - app here - 55pts
ashke_icons - app here - 85pts
wrongly_amused - app here - 15pts
kakame - app here - 20pts
filipinoz_rule - app here - 70pts
saihara - app here - 20pts
aoimidori - app here - 20pts
chibuni - app here - 15pts
majellah - app here - 15pts
tifaheart - app here - 15pts
iheartfishies - app here - 15 pts
meitei - app here - 15 pts
helgarr - app here - 15 pts
souppy - app here - 15 pts
colorfilter - app here - 25 pts

Rejected Members...
hindsight - 1st app here
iheartfishies - 1st app here
epicureal - 1st app here
creativekim - 1st app here
fatesong - 2nd app here
toxiic_paradise - 1st app here
sunnyaurora - 1st app here
glitzygurl - 1st app here
contradictz - 1st app here
kiniro_ryu - 1st app here
crazydiamond_ - 1st app here
allistra - 1st app here
kiniro_ryu - 1st app here
publicenemy - 1st app here
epicureal - 1st app here
dreamon234 - 1st app here

Banned Members...
None yet!