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I confess my icons suck

I forgot I joined this community.. ^^; I hope this not count againt me. :(

Posting to have my icon journal papermoon_icons graded. I'm still trying to find my own style and my text sucks. So some pointers will be very nice.

My animated icons:

My cutout icons:

My text icons:

My free choice icons:
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Cutout icons could use some work, but I understand that a lot of iconmakers' waterloo. And I agree with what was said about your animations and smoother transitions.

However, I love most of your still icons, and that's enough, for me, to vote for yes. :)

As for text tips, you can try experimenting with other fonts, download some variety at DaFONT or something. Your placing is alright as it is, but a little more creativity wouldn't hurt.

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Ever since before, i've really liked your icons! Although i'm not that much of a fan of really muted icons, yours aren't that faded and you manage to use your brushes well! The icons in our icon journal are enough to win me over! ^o^

The cut-outs are't that good, some of them being quite plain and the edges of other's jagged. But then, many people are having problems with cut-outs (i'm having a love-hate thing with them), so it's okay... :D

And I'm noticing that your animations are somewhat choppy and aren't really consistent. The mini-movie would be better if it faded into the background instead of abruptly stopping and starting again. The last animation needs to be a little more smoother and less choppier. Try fixing the timing of each frame (if your using IR).

Some variety would be nice, since i've noticed you've been iconing mostly anime and Star Wars... XD And a look at other fonts wouldn't be so bad. =D

Other than all the stuff I said, your icons are really pretty! And I think you have your own style already (lol, I can sort of tell which icons are yours... XP), but you can improve more to make your style truly yours (sorry if i'm not making any sense here. XD)


p.s Have you watched that "Store Wars" flash movie? I'm amazed how they made Princess Lettuce's hair out of two donuts... XDD;;
I like your work overall. I love most of your bases, and you definitely know what your doing. I like what your did with the muted effect. I'm not usually a fan of it, but you use it well. Also, text-wise, everything's good. You do seem to use a lot of Arial Black, and I'd suggest moving a little away from it.
I'm not a fan of the icons your chose for your application. Personally, I like the one is your journal more. Your animations and cutouts shoudl be your biggest concern, since everything else is GREAT. For your animations, the transitions need to be smoother and for your cutouts, the edges need to be smoother. I really enjoy your third animation and second animation.

So, In the end, I say yes, though, I do suggest working on your animations and cutouts.

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Sorry for the lengthy review ^-^; just a few things to say i guess.

animated icons: Your animations kind of bug me. On your first animated icon the cherry blossom doesn't really fit well in the icon. Your mini movie is looped weird. Maybe if you had it fade in/out it would look good. I don't like the fact that the mini movie just *poofs* disappears. lol. Your rain effect looks short maybe you should've added a few more frames to make it look complete. The fourth is okay but it's pretty simple nothing really exciting about it.

cutout icons: I disagree with some people, your cutouts are nice and simple. They're fine :).

text icons: EXCELLENT! I really like your text icons! The second one is okay for me, the font doesn't fite well in the icon ^-^;.

free choice icons: AMAZING! I like it, what more can i say.

although your animations need work, your text and free choice icons were what made me say yes! :D
haha sorry forgot to pick my favorites!

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Hmmm...I take issue with alot of your text. It isn't very varied or stylized. Some of your bases feel bland, and your cut-outs are mostly just simple cuts, with the exception of the very nice X/1999 one. To be brutally honest, while I really adore alot of your ideas here, if I were completely up to me, I wouldn't have accepted you quite yet. ^^;; My suggestion is just to experiment with fonts a little more and work on refining the look of your animations and cut-outs, as well as experimentations with brushes and textures beyond just backgrounds. (BTW, you spelled "broken" wrong in the Anakin/Padme one. ^^;;)

Still, as much as I think you can still improve, your icons are still very nice, and the community has spoken. Thus, you have been accepted:

Please read the rules carefully and apply to iconfessed.
Yes I know I did. ^^; I'll fix it sooner or later.

Thanks for the pointers. ^^ I'm actually surprised I'm accepted. I do know I need alot of work with some of my icons.

Thank you ^^