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I confess that I should be doing homework.

I've been lurking around this place for a while but actually just got the courage to apply ^^;; I don't have a seperate icon journal yet, so all my graphics are posted on this one. I do make icons quite often, however ^_^

Animation[Really not my thing -_-;;]


Free Choice

Thanks for your time!

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I was sorta torn. I almost said yes, but your text icons and your animations kinda made my decision. I'm going to make this short because I'm super sleepy.

- try to find new fonts. you seeme to be using a majority of 'times new roman' & 'century gothic'.
- your animations need a little work, but you said it's not your thing. But, still you need to brush up on your animations before making it in.

here are some positives:
+ the composition of your text and captions are good.
+ your cutouts are great!
+ your use of gradients and brushes are nice :).

So just work on those few things and you'll be fine. But, I don't think your ready just yet.

1 2 3 4

I'm going to say...YES. But, I do think there's a few points you need to poke at. I think you need to work on text, and not use so much fade. Your cut outs could also be a bit more creative in some ways. Though you're blending and color use is wonderful. :-)

1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Animations: I'm not a fan of the animation technique used on #3 (I personally don't like it) and it was terribly over-done at one point in time, and the fourth animation is just odd. I like the first two though.

Cut-outs: Your cut-outs are creative and must've taken a bit of time to do. Your cut-outs make mine ashamed kthnx. >>;;

Text: You seem to use a lot of the same two or three fonts and some of the text placement bugs me (like "doll" on the last one looks out of place). I think if you explore with a few more fonts and experiment with placement, your icons will be that much better.

Free Choice: I love the colours and textures/brushes used, especially on #2 and #4.

Overall, I think you know enough to be able to judge what looks good and what doesn't. I nearly said 'no' because of some of your text issues, but I love your choice of colours. I'd love to see you expand your icon subjects to more than just J-pop artists and video games/anime. :D


1 2 3 4
Animations: The 2nd one is my favorite- it's simple but it fits and the animation also fade in and out nicely. I like that the 1st one's rain actually fits with the icon theme. The 3rd one, I don't have much of an opinion of mainly because I never did understand that particular animation trend. ^^; It doesn't really add to the icon and the color of the lines are a bit too harsh. The 4th one is...interesting in a weird way. I'm not sure what it's supposed to be but I'm reminded of a sand storm. xD

Cut-outs: The 1st and 2nd are my favorites- they're simple but nice. My least favorite is probably the 4th one as I felt it was a bit choppy. Otherwise, I like what you've done with your cut-outs in general!

Text: Possibly your weakest point. I would suggest some additional experimentation with placement, other fonts, and the way they flow. Currently, they don't fit smoothly with your icon, and it seems you're sticking to a lot of the same ones and style. I think the 3rd one's tiny text placement looks awkward- perhaps it's the length of the first line. The "doll" also looked a little off. My least favorite of these is the 4th one. The text placement, spacing, and even the size difference just doesn't flow right. I find the tiny text placement and the different spacing width between each line of text quite distracting.

Free Choice: These are some of my favorites of your batch. The colors are nice. I have to add a gripe about your tiny text placement for the 3rd icon though- it's a bit weird sitting so far away from "illusion" and stuffed at the bottom.

Overall Impression: I have to admit that I was about to say yes until I took a look at your journal- and since this community judges the journal too, I ended up being stumped for a while about my final verdict. The quality of your icons there are nowhere near the ones you've presented here. But from what I see here, I think you've improved a whole lot and look like you're on your way in becoming even better. I imagine that in the very near future, I would give a Yes without any hesitation. While the icons you've posted here and definitely some of your best, I would be more comfortable if I saw more consistency in the quality at your recent icon batches over at your journal. The main problems I see are definitely text- and also your use of textures in some areas in that they kind of drown out some of your icons, while a few of them also clash. I also feel compelled to mention that this icon seems to have the aspect ratio a bit off. I could be wrong but it just looked that way. ^^;

Favorites (I tried to pick ones outside of your app to give you an idea):
1 / 2 / 3 / 4
Edit: I just realized that I got the order of the icons mixed up because they were broken when I was viewing them in IE earlier. ^^; For the Text choices, basically, when I said 4th icon, I meant 1st. The 3rd is actually the 4th. Sorry about that! :p
Goodness, nobody stamped you? I'm so sorry, sweetie. It's a close vote, but you've been accepted. Deepest apologies for the delay.
Ah, no worries ^^ And thank you!