Are we there yet? (allistra) wrote in iconfession,
Are we there yet?

New Application

Looking for a rating on my icons and I guess my icon community, ashen_memories. Open membership, 14 additional icon examples on the user info page. My resources are also listed on my info page.

My Animated Icons:

1. Image hosted by 2. Image hosted by 3. Image hosted by 4.

My CutOut Icons:

1. Image hosted by 2. Image hosted by 3. Image hosted by 4. Image hosted by
My Text Icons:

1. Image hosted by 2. Image hosted by 3. Image hosted by 4. Image hosted by

My Free Choice Icons:

1. 2. Image hosted by 3. 4. Image hosted by
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My god your animation and textless icons are absolutely stunning, no joke. I think the thing that kinda breaks the icons is the text. You're using the text in a rough way, they arent anti-aliased (i guess you could say that) meaning its not soft and it doesnt blend with the icon to make it really effective. Your cut outs could use work but again, the composition is nice but the text doesn't work with it. Your text icons..well I already covered text. I'm not fond of the first free choice, but the other three are really nice. The best text you have going is the 2nd one in the free choice. You have some really awesome ideas in all of your icons though, seriously. If you could just improve the text in the icons you could definately have some amazing overall icons cause I think text can either make or break an icon.


Thank you, I agree that the text needs work, and if you check out any more of my work, I rarely put text into my icons. I don't particularly like text, I would rather let someone else take their own meaning from the icon than assign something. I don't do any fandoms, so choosing text related to those doesn't really work either.

Thanks for the comments about my animation, though. That's really what I like in an icon, and it's what I enjoy doing, so naturally, that's where I excel.

Appreciate it. :)
My firstimpression was that you're good at cropping. All your bases, they provide quite interesting angles. I really love the cropping of your third animated icon. As tifaheart said, you need to work on your text. I tink your first text icon has the best text. You also seem to be using default fonts a lot. If you're looking for more unique fonts that would fit an icon better, is a good place to start. :)

1 2 3 4
though you have some good ideas your icons could use some work on the text. like yours second free choice and your last cutout text is so nice but then your choose some other text which I think it arial? it just doesn't look good. ^-^;.

I do agree with the others that your cropping is very nice and creative. but i just don't think your ready yet for this community. All you really need to do is work on the text.

I do like that you have a variety of icons which I'm trying to do. But I'm so stuck with anime most of the time xD. But just practice and learn some different styles. :)

1 2 3 4
I looked at this application right after you posted it and yes, the font stood out way too much. But everybody's told you that already, so..

Your third cutout is rather weird, those boxy shapes on poor Eddie make him hard to look at.

I think that if you just polished the text you'd be a sure on in! You could also try a little variety in border brushes, 100x100_brushes is a good resource if you need some.
Here you can find tutorials that have something to do with test, @ icon_tutorial. Hope that helps. ^^

1 2 3 4
sorry, the last one was supposed to be:

Your animations are probably my favourites right now. #4 is lovely; it's subtle but it gets the job done. ^^;;

The only cut-out that bugs me is the third one, and I think it's mostly just because of the text. I like the cut-out for the second icon but again, the text sort of ruins the look; it doesn't blend well. The first and fourth cut-outs are good, though. ^__^

Your first text icon I don't mind so much, but the last three irk me. I think it's just the font/s you're using, though. Try and download some new ones to experiment with. If you're stuck for fonts, try the fontaddicts community. There's a good resource page there that lists the popular fonts you see flying around the icon communities. Also make sure you're working with the anti-alias on.

Your first free choice icon amuses me to no end. The only thing I would suggest would be to try and spice up icons similar to your third one with some more brushes or textures.

Overall, I like your work. I think you're on your way, but text can make or break an icon. Just work on that some more and apply again when you feel you're ready. :D


1 2 3 4
You've been rejected.

Sorry. D: But do take the advice given here and try again in a week's time or more. :D
Hey, thanks for grabbing these. :-) I was actually letting them sit for a few weeks so they could rack up votes. ^^;; I didn't meant for them to wait so long.
yeah, no problem. I just went through the ones that weren't stamped yet cause in the userinfo it said three days wait max and I figured some people were probably wondering what happened. XD
or probably not since most of us who apply here can count